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If you believe that you have a police misconduct or brutality case, you require an misconduct attorney to represent you immediately. It is important to note that the area of police brutality does not simply extend to violence. It can refer to denial of medical needs, false imprisonment, sexual abuse, and assault and battery. It may include beatings, shootings and other unprovoked attacks. Sometimes police brutality cases can be extreme, such in the case of fatal shootings or use of deadly force - and in these cases you will require a dedicated wrongful death attorney to represent you during this difficult time.

Those with police misconduct cases must act quickly. With the help of the Ramirez Law Group, you can obtain aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation. Police misconduct and brutality attorney, Anthony J. Ramirez, will immediately begin investigating your case in order to achieve the most successful result. Contact our Arizona personal injury law firm online today to speak to our police misconduct attorney about any questions that you may have about police brutality cases or personal injury law.

Let The Ramirez Law Group Handle Your Police Brutality Cases

You will require good legal advice and representation from a  police misconduct attorney to handle your police brutality cases immediately. The Ramirez Law Group, located in Maricopa County, Arizona can help you protect your rights during this time. Mr. Ramirez, a former police officer with the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, intimately understands this area and treats each case with the attention and dedication that it deserves. We conduct a thorough investigation and will do whatever it takes, within the bounds of the law, to achieve the most successful outcome. Mr. Ramirez understands that police brutality cases can be intimidating, and he is willing to tirelessly devote his time to representing clients in this field.

Call the Ramirez Law Group for a free initial consultation regarding any incidence of police brutality throughout the State of Arizona at 480-454-6397 or Contact Us.

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