Boating Accidents

​Boating accidents often occur because of negligence and can result in serious and deadly injuries. Boating accidents can occur on a small boats or with large cruise ships, navy vessels, or maritime.

A boating accident is always frightening no matter what the circumstances.  They are especially dangerous since the threat of drowning exists. When a boating injury accident occurs, a thorough investigation and evaluation of its causes by an attorney is the best way to proceed.

Jet Ski Accidents

For decades, jet ski’s have provided tremendous fun on waterways.  Jet Ski’s are extremely fast and easy to maneuver.

Although jet ski’s can provide hours of fun, they can be extremely dangerous in the hands of a negligent, inexperienced, and/or intoxicated driver. A Jet Skier is more likely to get hurt than any other type of watercraft. The injuries sustained in a Jet Ski accident or collision can be severe. Some of these injuries include: drowning, death, carbon monoxide poisoning, burns, amputations, hypothermia, head injuries, disfigurement, or situations where someone is ejected from the Jet Ski, which can cause a soft tissue injury or broken bones.

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