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Auto Accidents

After a serious auto accident, you immediately realize that the system is not designed to help the victim. Typically, you then find that your car or motorcycle is damaged and the insurance company is delaying payment. As a result, you are without transportation to go to work, to pick up your children, or to even go to the doctor. When you are faced with the financial strain of paying for unexpected medical bills at a time when you are physically unable to work, the insurance company does nothing to help you.

Next, you quickly realize that you are facing a difficult medical recovery and major financial strain. If that sounds familiar, you need an attorney working for you to help you through the obstacles, an experienced attorney who will evaluate and negotiate your case to get you fair compensation. It is important that you select a proven and dedicated attorney to represent you. The Ramirez Law Group, PLLC, steps in with comprehensive service, enabling you to focus on healing.

Our firm is centrally located in the Phoenix metropolitan area. We handle cases throughout Arizona. Our firm is located in Downtown Phoenix and is just minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

The ultimate outcome of your case may depend on whether or not you secure the evidence needed to win your case. That evidence will quickly disappear if you do not know how to get obtain it properly. We are prepared to take fast action to protect your rights, interests, and the evidence. The following areas are examples of cases that we handle:

  • Any serious auto accident on the Phoenix Metropolitan area roadways such as I-10, I-17, 101 Freeway, 202 Freeway, 303 Freeway, Highway 60 and of course accidents on public streets, parking lots, and other locations.

  • All types of motor vehicle accidents, including rear-end collisions, drunk driving accidents, head-on collisions, intersection accidents, vehicle rollover accidents, T-bone collisions, sideswipe accidents, or other types of auto accidents.

  • Any type of driving negligence including drunk driving, inattentive driving due to cell-phone or PDA use, speeding, racing, breaking traffic laws, or general recklessness.

Attorney Anthony Ramirez is a former police officer with the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department and a current Arizona private investigator with a focus on the insurance industry. Mr. Ramirez has the skills and knowledge to properly investigate your case to get you the best possible results.

When you have someone that truly knows how insurance companies think and evaluate cases, you have a tremendous advantage in knowing what type of information and evidence to present to help maximize the value of your case. Collectively, our legal team has the willingness to go the distance if necessary. We are committed to presenting your best case in our quest to get you fair compensation.

If you feel that you need legal representation after a car crash or other roadway accident from a team of dedicated, knowledgeable trial attorneys, please contact us now. We offer a free case evaluation, and you will owe no attorney fees unless we succeed in obtaining compensation for you.