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Airplane Accidents

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We understand how devastating airplane accidents can be for victims and their families.

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Commercial Airliners

It is the responsibility of the commercial airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airport operators, and their contractors to ensure your flight is safe.  Each is required to follow regulations, which are enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States.  When any of these parties fail to fulfill their obligations, the passenger safety is at risk.

Single Engine Aircraft

Although flying in a commercial plane is four times safer than riding in a car, small single engine planes or charter planes have an accident rate 7 times higher than autos and the death rate is also higher.

There are many reasons why single engine or charter plane’s crash, however, pilot error and weather conditions are the primary reasons.

Helicopter Accidents

Each year men and woman in our military are killed in helicopter crashes. Although the majority of these crashes occur during combat, some have occurred due to mechanical defects.

Because helicopters are very complex machines, they require the highest level of operational and mechanical skill. When these skills are compromised, accidents happen.

Helicopters are also used to transport those critically injured from remote accident scenes, used for law enforcement, sightseeing, and recreation.

Plane Crash Causes

Plane crashes are caused by many factors, including product defects, improper maintenance and pilot error. Airplanes are designed and built to stay in the air. They are supposed to be properly checked and maintained at all times but unfortunately, this is not always the case.

The following are common causes of plane crashes:

Bad weather or turbulence
Air plane design problems
Runway incursions
Air traffic controller errors
Repair or maintenance mistakes
Approach or landing errors
Pilot error
Engine failure
FAA violations

Plane Crash Questions

What is a runway incursion?

A runway incursion is an incident at an airport, which involves an aircraft, vehicle, person or object on the ground that creates a hazard either when the plane is taking off or landing.

Runway incursions result from pilot error, air traffic controller error and ground personnel errors. Runway incursions have caused both minor and catastrophic accidents.

Who Investigates Plane Crashes?

Unfortunately because all plane crashes are different, the agencies involved in the investigations vary. Depending on the circumstances, one or more of the following agencies will be involved, National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If an accident happens on foreign soil, the Department of Justice, Department of State or Defense Department may be called. If the plane crash involves a military aircraft, the Military Safety Mishap Board will be called.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

A wrongful death claim is brought against an airline when your loved one was killed as a result of the airlines negligence. An airline can be sued for pain and suffering, mental anguish loss of consortium and future wage loss.

Who Can Be Sued?

An airplane manufacturer may be sued for defects in a plane’s design, assembly of the plane, their choice of materials, testing procedures and more.

The FAA is responsible for monitoring the airplane while in flight. If there is a breach in their duties, there may be a valid claim for damages. Likewise, air traffic controllers have been known to be negligent and thus, the government can be held liable for the error of their controllers.